“Some days I feel like my heart may explode from the pure joy and happiness that my baby brings into my life and the blessing that it is to be her Mommy. This feeling was transformed into the art of photography when my daughter and I embraced our Mommy & Me session with Blush Bumps & Babies. As mothers, we are often the ones behind the camera trying to capture the many moments and milestones of our babies so we can hold on to the memory for a lifetime. It is very rare that our endearing interactions with them are documented. Jessica was able to capture not only many precious moments from my daughter, but she was also able to capture our special bond and unconditional love. To now have those images is an irreplaceable gift that I will cherish forever. Thank you Jessica and Blush Bumps & Babies for being incredible at what you do and sharing your talent with the world in such a beautiful and organic way. ”
With love,
Megan & Emerie May

Photographer: Jessica Hites
MUA: Katie Mayhill