“I vividly remember the moment that I found out that I was expecting our first baby… the rush of excitement, the good kind of nerves, and the overwhelming amount of love that you feel for this person that you have never met, but will change your life forever.

“Tracy captured a time in my life that is irreplaceable, unforgettable, and by far, the beginning of the most beautiful journey I would ever be blessed to embark upon… motherhood!

“The Blush team is not only incredibly talented, but they are inspiring with their artistry, genuinely kind and caring, and extremely fun! Pregnancy is beautiful, but it can also be stressful and uncomfortable. My Blush Bump experience was so rewarding, relaxing, and rejuvenating as I entered the last stretch of my pregnancy. Looking in the mirror that day and seeing the photos later on, I saw myself in a different way, I saw myself in the most important role that I would ever play ~ a Mommy. Thank you to the Blush Team for sharing your artistry with me and giving me memories that I will always cherish! I am truly grateful. Now it’s time to get that pre-pregnancy body back and book a boudoir appointment ?” – With love, Megan

Photographer: Tracy Pote
MUA: Monica McAlpin
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis