“I really feel like ‘thank you’ isn’t good enough. My first time with Blush was prior to my wedding day and now I’ve had the opportunity to take part in one of your new endeavors. Taking my 6 month old into Blush Studio and spending the day with Tracy and him was magical. My little guy clearly wasn’t as thrilled as I was but when he’s old enough to understand I hope he cherishes the moment like I have. We spoke often of how many don’t have pictures with their mom, I know I’m constantly taking pictures of Holt and his daddy. Having these special images of us in an intimate setting warms my heart in ways most couldn’t imagine. I’ve become open about my struggles as a new mom and have sought help in many ways. There’s often a stigma surrounding motherhood and I think a lot of people look at moms as superheroes. I have never felt like one, maybe sometimes the villain. Going through these last 6 months of motherhood and finally finding joy in the little life I created, I have found myself. Id like to think this special time at Blush confirmed all of that for me or at least built upon my newfound emotions. I was able to simply be myself with my beautiful, fun son and that was it. The moment was unforgettable….and I have the pictures to prove it!”
Love, Mariah & Holt

Photographer: Tracy Pote
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Elyse Harchick