By Tammy Brittain

“To have a professional vendor become a true friend is not something that happens every day- unless that professional is Tracy Pote. It’s like she had no choice but to become close to me, what with her having photographed the major events of my adult life! It all began when planning our wedding… I told my now-husband about her and stated she was the ONLY photographer for our day. Being the practical person he is, he griped about spending too much on pictures (by any photographer- not just Tracy… I found out later that he’d just never liked himself in photos) but he reluctantly went along with my desires. I convinced him that Tracy miraculously can take the homeliest, seemingly least attractive people and make them look like supermodels. He became a believer once he saw the results of our engagement session- and Tracy has been “ours” ever since! You see, Tracy sees you the way you want everyone to see you, the way you see yourself in your mind at your very best, and she captures it forever in her images.

“Needless to say, she did shoot our wedding! A few years later, my husband bought a Blush Boudoir package as a gift (for him or for me…? I’m not sure…) The time I finally found to schedule it was, horribly, while in the eighth month of struggling with infertility, bloated, full of synthetic hormones, deeply depressed from repeated negative pregnancy results month after month. I soooo didn’t want to be there that day trying to look happy with my new stretch marks from water retention from fertility meds, my squidgy, bloated body looking about as sexy as a 1970’s molded Jello salad. What I WANTED was to prove my body was still worth something because I hated it because for not getting pregnant like everyone else could. I don’t even know if she knew what I was going through at that time, but Tracy gently led me through poses and outfits and by the end, I was genuinely smiling. For the first time in half a year, I wasn’t thinking about not being pregnant. The result of that photo shoot was astounding. Tracy saw the “me” that had gone missing from myself and, despite the despair at that point of my life, I was thrilled with the images! And… about four days after that photo shoot, our baby was conceived! I give her partial credit for that too…

“Seven months later came my maternity shoot and, subsequently, a newborn photo session for our baby boy! And there were the three month, the six month, the nine month, and the one year sessions for our firstborn- all brilliantly by Tracy.

“Being suckers for more torture, we went on to endure yet more fertility treatments for a year, which were devastatingly to no avail. Again I plunged into a depression and, Tracy doesn’t know this, but we had our little one’s two year photo shoot on the very day I’d chosen as the cut-off date to stop trying to get pregnant if I wasn’t- and I wasn’t- but she somehow made the shoot work as perfectly as ever. Life went on but we had the feeling our family was still not complete and finally decided to pursue adoption for our second child. The biggest task to start that journey was creating a profile book full of photos representing our family’s essence and I had nowhere near enough pictures for such a project. Tracy to our rescue again! She shot a gorgeous adoption session for us– and thank God she did because the expectant mother who chose our family to be her daughter’s forever family told us that there was one particular photo that made her choose us over all of the other fifty profiles she looked at- it was a photo from that photo shoot. To think that we’d not have our precious daughter had it not been for that one picture that Tracy envisioned from that very session makes the blood stop in my veins. I always truthfully say that Tracy is partially responsible for completing our family with her ideas, her talent, and her lens!

“So how did we start our 2017 since our daughter joined our family January 1? With a dream-come-true newborn and family photo session at Blush Studio, of course!”

Photographer: Tracy Pote